Match Poker Online Is the Online Home of the Fairest and Funnest Version of Poker

Whilst you win hands against your table opponents in Match Poker, your real opponents are those players sitting at other tables holding the same hand as you. 

When most of us hear the word “poker”, we think of seedy gamblers behaving irresponsibly in dimly lit rooms. 

But that’s a misconception, according to Professor Charles Nesson of Harvard University Law School. 

Poker isn’t just a game. It’s a complex, mentally demanding pursuit that requires sound judgment, confidence, empathy, and a raft of other highly admirable traits.

And Match Poker is even better. 

Originally devised by Bruce Altshuler and Dan Kleinman, Match Poker – also known as Duplicate Poker – is a version of Texas Hold ‘em that sees six players at six tables playing with identical hands.

This eliminates the role of luck, since each player has an identical starting point. And it’s this removal of luck from the equation that allowed Match Poker to become an officially recognized sport by the International Mind Sport Association. 

The best way to play Match Poker right now is on Match Poker Online. Here you’ll find a fantastic version of the game called Battle Royale mode. Here’s how it works. 

Everybody sitting at seat 1 gets the same hand, and the same goes for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. That means everybody is on a level playing field at all times. 

Whether you win or lose a hand, you always start the next hand with 1,000 chips, which levels the playing field even more. Each hand is a clean slate, and each victory is 100 percent earned. 

Match Poker Online boasts International Federation of Match Poker World Ratings, and these are being updated constantly. This means you’re not just up against your opponents on the day, but every player who has ever been dealt the same hand in the same circumstances. 

To check it out, download Match Poker Online

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