May’s Mysteries – The Secret of Dragonville Does a Passable Professor Layton Impression, and it’s Out Now in Open Beta

May’s Mysteries, from developer FredBear, is a puzzle adventure title that looks and plays a lot like the Professor Layton games, and you can play it right now in Early Access.

The game sees you playing as May, an intelligent and charismatic girl on a quest to find her missing brother. As you progress through the adventure you’ll solve logic puzzles. These are like the ones you might find in a puzzle book, rather than the “use mug with barrel o’ grog” type puzzles you get in traditional point-and-click adventures.

Puzzle formats include hidden object, rhythm games, shape sorting, tile-sliding, cipher-solving, and so on.

FredBear promises over 25 hours of gameplay across four distinct worlds made up of more than 80 hand-drawn locations. There are ten minutes of animated cut-scenes, too.

It all looks like a credible take on the rarely imitated Professor Layton formula. May’s Mysteries is free to download, with a $4.99 IAP to unlock the full game.

Download it right now on the Google Play Store.

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