Mech Battle gets a new map and clan support in 1.4.0 update

2203 promises to be an eventful year. The world will have been virtually destroyed in a global conflict, of course, and the last remaining vestiges of mankind will be locked in a scuffle over what’s left of Earth’s resources. But on the plus side there will be mechs.

Lots and lots and lots of mechs, battling it out in 4×4 matches amid the ruins of civilization.

At least, that’s how things are going to pan out according to Mech Battle, a high end multiplayer shooter from Djinnworks that came out at the end of last year.

Make things go boom

Mech Battle sees you jumping into the cockpit of up to 15 different mechs and battling with other players in some truly stunning post-apocalyptic environments. Between each round you get to return to your hangar and spend the currency you’ve collected on new weapons and mechs, plus upgrades to the stuff you already have.

It all looks fabulous, with crisp HD graphics and some awesome mech and landscape design, and players have obviously been enjoying it so far. The game has racked up more than 50,000 downloads in just a couple of months, with users giving it an impressive 4.5 average review score.

And now, thanks to a series of game updates, Mech Battle is even better.

Some of these changes have been cosmetic, such as reload animations and kill streak announcements, while others have been more fundamental. For example, the weapon balancing has been revised and optimised, rematches are now possible after custom battles, the camera rotation has been improved for greater visibility, and so on.

Mech it happen

Plus, a new map has been added since the game first launched. It’s called Tunnel, and it’s great.

The good news doesn’t stop there either, as new update has just been released. 1.4.0 adds yet another new map, The Dome, as well as clan support and accessibility options for color blind players.

The update is out now so be sure to check out Mech Battle on Google Play.

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