Mediocre Games’ next title will be a Smash Hit, literally, because that’s the game’s name

Mediocre Games is currently working on their next title for Android gamers to sink their time into and this next game will be something a lot different than what people are used to when it comes to Mediocre Games’ titles. That’s because there’s no cartoon animation or quirky humor in the company’s next game called Smash Hit.

Instead the company has gone in a new direction with this new title with an interesting blend of meditative gaming wrapped around pure enjoyable destruction. That is at least what the company is shooting for with Smash Hit.

We still have some work left, but this will be a truly unique game, from a technology, gameplay, and design perspective. It’s by far our most ambitious project to date. – Mediocre Game’s Dennis Gustafsson.

While we’ll have to wait till early 2014 to get our hands on Smash Hit, Mediocre Games’ was nice enough to release a trailer for everyone to check out while we wait for more details to be released. After watching this teaser trailer we got to say, this game does look pretty awesome.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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