Meet Harmonix’s BeatNiks, the new music-influenced virtual pets for Android

Harmonix has decided to release a rather neat virtual pet game called BeatNiks onto mobile devices today. There are a few unique features to this game that does set it apart from other virtual pets out there in mobile gaming land. Players will be able to create their own virtual BeatNiks pet which is made from the music you listen to.

BeatNiks start out as a sort of blob looking thing, before you get to actually create your BeatNik. You’ll be determining your BeatNik’s “musical DNA” from the choices you make regarding its shape, color, and personality. From there you can dress it up in musically-inspired clothing as well. Once you have your BeatNik just how you want it, you can then do most of the activities found in your typical virtual pet game. This includes tickling it, feeding it, cleaning it, playing mini-games with it, cook for it, and so on. You can also listen to what’s going on inside its head.

BeatNiks Features:

• Pick its color, shape, and personality to determine its musical DNA.
• Play with it, cook for it, feed it, clean it, poke it, tickle it, listen to what goes on in its head.
• Help your BeatNik grow into an adorable adult monster with new body parts and cool clothes.
• Personalize your monster with over a hundred clothes and accessories inspired by music: rock, hip hop, dance, electronic, and many more.
• Go from an empty room to smooth carpets, shiny furniture, grand pianos, and trumpet lamps.
• Catch hot dogs, challenge your brain with a memory challenge, or flex your fingers with a musical mini-game.
• Listen to your own music while playing to get an extra boost and unlock cool outfits for your BeatNik based on what you listen to.

Of course it isn’t just about your BeatNik. You will also be able to decorate its room with a variety of items, or you can choose to keep it empty if you decide to make a hobo BeatNik. Since your BeatNik is musically-inspired, you can rest happily knowing he can also dance quite well.

For those of you interested in checking this game out, BeatNiks is available off of Google Play for free and it does come with optional IAPs as well.

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