Meet our new weekly series called From The Sack, coming every Friday.

Welcome to our new weekly series that will be starting today and will come out each Friday called From The Sack. Now before your minds go into the gutter, I’m talking about a mail sack or bag. In this series we will compile all the questions we are asked or interesting emails we get throughout the week and recap them here.

We get asked a lot of questions each week, whether it’s via email, through Twitter or in the comments on the site. We also get a lot of… interesting… emails as well which generally make us chuckle. Of course we won’t be revealing people’s names or anything like that but sometimes these interesting emails warrant answers as well but are generally sent in anonymously so we can’t reply to them in the traditional manner of emailing back.

So without further delay on my part, let me welcome you to the first article in our new weekly series called From The Sack. I hope you find it informative and entertaining at the same time.

Q) Will Tegra 2 games be compatible with Tegra 3 devices?

A) We have been getting this question a lot lately due to all the recent Tegra 3 gaming news that we’ve been pumping out. We got in touch with our friends over at nVidia and asked them. While we were pretty sure they would be, we just wanted to double check. So for those of you looking to snag a Tegra 3 device in the near future and already own Tegra 2 games the answer is yes. You will be able to play Tegra 2 games just fine, if not see a performance improvement, on Tegra 3 devices.

Q) Will these developers coming out with all these awesome Tegra 3 games make a scaled down version for Tegra 2 devices?

A) We asked our friends at nVidia about this as well considering we were interested in knowing the answer to this as well. Obviously no specifics were given, most likely due to confidentiality agreements, but we were told that we could expect some of these Tegra 3 games might end up with a scaled down version for Tegra 2 devices.

Q) Do you really believe in that recent article from the other day about Nintendo and Sony losing serious market share to Android and iOS?

A) Yes and No. The article was 50% sarcasm and 50% of an actual informative article. While it’s pretty clear that mobile gaming on Android and iOS is taking a chunk out of the mobile gaming market from Nintendo and Sony, the statistics are also slightly skewed in favor of Android and iOS anyways. Sony isn’t really that affected by Android and iOS and in fact we will most likely see their stake increase over the next year due to the Sony Ericsson buyout, their current and future Android devices as well as the PS Vita.

Nintendo did report a nearly $1 billion US decrease in profit recently, a large part of that due to a very rough start for the 3DS. However, sales of the 3DS are starting to pick up thanks to the lowered price and some much better titles coming out for it.

Also the graphs should have been better represented. If it’s going to be a unit by unit comparison then Android and iOS should not have been clumped together while Sony and Nintendo were separated. Not that it would affect the actual stats but it does make the graphs look a bit biased. Plus you have to take into account the sheer number of units sold for each platform. Combines Android and iOS together gives them an advantage right away.

There are other reasons as well that makes this ‘research’ a bit tipped in favor for Android and iOS but these are some of the main reasons.

Now we are going to highlight this interesting email I got anonymously which states we should be ashamed of ourselves for an Xbox Ad running first before the trailer for an Android game was shown. Here is the unedited email for your viewing pleasure:

How can you force Android people to view Xbox adds infront of Android Game Trailers??? Shame on you bloodsuckers for taking dirty-money from the Micro soft-dicks!!!


The way that most services that provide pre-roll video ads works is that you really don’t have total control over what ads are shown before the video starts. It would be like going to a movie but blaming the director of the movie for the types of ads that were shown before the movie starts. The difference is some companies at least let you pick which category your ads come from while others do not. So if you pick the ‘Gaming’ category, you get gaming related ads in general, not platform specific. While we try to keep the ads on this site to a minimum and relevant to the content, we only have so much control when it is from a service provider.

We appreciate all feedback of course regarding the site and any requests for features to be added we do try to fulfill. This, however, gave me a good chuckle but I thought I should at least explain it since it offended someone enough to call us a bunch of bloodsuckers.

If you guys enjoyed this first article in our new series, let us know in the comments below along with any thoughts you have regarding this week’s questions and email! Yes we will have a better header image next week.

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