Meet the DroidGamers Deals store, complete with freebies and giveaways as well

As you have probably seen on other Android related sites, and other tech sites in general, some of them have these cool Deals stores where users can snag deals on pretty much anything and everything. Most of the stuff in these stores are gadgets, courses to learn programming, and so on. As we near the launch of our new site, we will be rolling out new features and this is one of them.

While our store will focus more on the gaming aspect of things, it will contain all kinds of mobile goodies for Android as well, ranging from phone cases to programming courses and everything in between. We will also be running a lot of giveaways through the store as well which also range from across a wide variety of items including Android devices. We have interest filters as well, so for example you can click on Gamer and it will bring up everything relating to that lifestyle. There is also a section for freebies as well because why not? Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Right now there is a very cool Humble Bundle style package going on for anyone wanting to get into Android game development. There is a Pay What You Want for a 4 course, 5 source, or 6 course (or all 15 of them) mobile game development bundle. There’s also a pretty awesome Loot Crate full of gaming/comic themed goodies.

This is just the start for this store. As we expand it, we will add more and more Android and gaming related goodies to it. This will compliment our upcoming Android game store and the new site design, all launching between now and next week. To kick everything off, we have a promo code offering 10% off anything in our store which is valid until October 10th, 2015. All you do us enter DGSTORE10 when checking out.

Also, be sure to sign up for our Deals store for exclusive members-only freebies and giveaways! In fact we have a giveaway coming up shortly! You can access our new store anytime through the Deals tab at the very top of the site.

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