Meet the newest addition to DroidGamers, it’s our own game store!

You may be thinking to yourself “What be this link up there that says store? That be new!”. Well you are right, it is new, as of about 20 minutes ago, although we have been working on it steadily for a short while now. So what the hell is it? It’s our Android games store / catalog!

If you follow the site on any sort of regular basis, you know already that we are always trying to come up with new features and choices for you, our readers, to enjoy. We have our mobile app as well as our Google Currents publication available for all your news. However, just providing links to the market is great as long as the article is still recent. What about a month from now? Digging through the articles or search for one specific one on Google just to find a game is a bit much.

So we have partnered up with AppStores and we now have a curated Android Market for nothing but games for you to enjoy. This is completely mobile optimized as well. While this storefront will display all the great games on the Android Market while cutting out all the crap that is on there. All we have right now is a search bar on the Android Market to use to find games and a bunch of top lists. Now you can come here and look for great games using the very specific categories on the left. Want an RPG? There is a category for that. How about Tower Defense games? Sure, there is one for that too.

Consider this launch an open beta. We have a few more design tweaks and features to add to the store such as a search bar in case you know the game you want to find. We also still have a ton of games to add to it so even though it isn’t massively full just yet, give it a few days and it will be. Videos will be added as well over the next couple of days. You can also leave comments and developers will be able to respond to those comments.

For developers, we will have an apps submission page available shortly where you can submit your app for consideration in the store. Also a Featured and Top 25 games sections will be available shortly. So if you want to check out the new store, just click here or the link up at the main menu. Hopefully this makes it easier for developers to be found, along with their great games, and for you, the gamer, to find them!

One last thing to note, if you are concerned about updates and all that good stuff, don’t be. This is tied directly to the Android Market so when a game is updated, you will get the notification from the Android Market like normal.

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