Mega Jump making the journey to Android this month

Mega Jump by Get Set Games is making the journey to Android from iOS. Having received 7.5 million downloads from the iOS version, this game is quite popular. Camel Games based their Hyper Jump game off of Mega Jump and everyone likes Hyper Jump! The goal behind the game, get your little creature as high as he can get while collecting coins!

You’ll have to dodge enemies while collecting coins which boost you up higher and higher. There are also power-ups to collect to help shoot you up higher as well. You’ll need an Android device with Android 2.0 or higher, which is almost everyone. It will also be integrated with OpenFeint, so there will be lots of achievements and awards to earn as well! You’ll also have different characters to play as should you want to.

No word on an exact release date though, just ‘in the coming weeks’ and ‘this December’ so it shouldn’t be too long now before it is available. No word on pricing either but considering it is free on the App Store, it should end up being free on the Android Market as well.

Developer Website: Get Set Games

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