Mega Man inspired Jump’N’Shoot Attack fires its way on to Android

For anyone that enjoys playing Mega Man, there’s a new game out by Fullscreen Inc that seems to take all the right cues from that franchise. Dubbed as Jump’N’Shoot, the style of play for this game is a platformer that is reminiscent of the classic series, in both appearance and style.

Within Jump’N’Shoot, players assume the role of a heroine name Louise Lightfoot who will need to , in her effort to rescue the president from the “evil space mutants known as the Xatharr!!”. The game is set over traverse sixteen different levels that are spread out over four different worlds . Players will (obviously) jump and shoot, as well as slide and fly via jetpack.

Jump n’ Shoot Attack Features:

– 16 fast-paced, hard-as-heck platforming levels across 4 crazy worlds!
– Collect items to boost your blaster gun and take to the skies with a jetpack!
– Make your way up the leaderboards for high scores and best times!
– Pumping 8-bit soundtrack from the composer of AVGN Adventures!
– Twitch-reflex two-touch control scheme; never miss a thing!
– Authentic retro visuals and sound will take you back to the past!
Jump N’ Shoot Attack is available off of Google Play for $1.99 with no IAPs. You can check out the game in action in the video below before making the leap to buy it.

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