Mega Man X DIVE Gets its First Event, Re-Taking Candy Factory

Mega Man X DIVE, Capcom’s recently released shooter, has just entered its first event. 

The Re-Taking Candy Factory event starts today (March 31st) and sees players entering the candy factory and working towards a specific goal in exchange for special gifts. 

Capcom is including three time-limited characters in this event: White Day Zero, White Day Alia, and White Day Cinnamon. Apparently, they’ve been included to “match the sweet atmosphere” of Candy Factory.

A White Day Zero Skin is on Offer

Participating in the event will net you Element Metal, Skill Points, and Weapon EXP, as well as Ranking Rewards – most notably a White Day Zero skin. 

There’s more, but you’ll just have to download the game to find out what.

The event lasts until April 13th. You can download Mega Man X DIVE on Google Play right now.

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