Meow Meow Wizard Arena is a Wholesome Battler That Lets You Put Cats in Costumes

feature image for our meow meow wizard arena news, the image features two screenshots of gameplay, with one being of a cat dressed in a panda costume, with the other being from the combat side of the game as the cat wanders around the grassy arena and stands by a rock

We’re big fans of up-and-coming indie games here at Droid Gamers. So, today’s special highlight is Meow Meow Wizard Arena!

For more information about the game, take a look at the official Twitter page or the Google Play page. You can also participate in the beta test by joining the Discord server.

Cute Costumes? Sign Us Up!

The game is still under development, with a lovely selection of brand-new outfits being added to the game recently. 

We don’t know how these costumes will be obtained just yet, or if they will provide any additional stats or buffs to the player’s character. Even if they are purely for the use of cosmetics, they’re adorable, and we love them!

What’s the Gameplay Like?

In a video posted in June 2023, we get a sneak peek at some multiplayer gameplay. From the looks of it, you can play together with friends as you battle against waves of enemies – all the while dressed as a duck, panda, and more. 

The art style and music are a perfect match, as they both blend quirkiness and cuteness together to create a wonderful mix. We can already tell that Meow Meow Wizard Arena will catch the eye of those who love cosy and wholesome games. 

Interestingly, the short gameplay preview showcases some combat, which includes a sort of spellcasting feature. The player draws a shape on a grid made up of snowflakes to cast an ability – which has us extremely intrigued!

Daffodil Starlight Highlight

Lastly, we’d like to shine a light on the development team for Meow Meow Wizard Arena. Daffodil Starlight is a studio made up of 2 people who are clearly pouring their heart and soul into this little gem. With a brilliant group of talented individuals, this game is already on its way to becoming a favourite in the genre. 

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