Meteor Deluxe

Meteor Deluxe (a.k.a Meteor Breakout) is a Arkanoid/Block Breaker game, developed by Mobile Stream and published through Chillingo, that is designed for all the WVGA screens out there. While there is also a version for all other screen types available on the Android market, I decided to try out the WVGA (Deluxe) version and see how it stands up to other Arkanoid games.

Meteor has been one of the more, if not the most, popular block breaker game released onto the Android market. The graphics and gameplay have always been spot on regardless of what Android phone you may be using. In the Deluxe version for WVGA screens it’s no different. The graphics are crisp and clean with lots of detail and the gameplay is just as smooth.


  • Demo has 10 levels, full version has 90 levels.
  • Various power-ups, balls and weapons to get
  • Great graphics and gameplay
  • Apps2SD for Android 2.2
  • 3 Difficulty levels
  • Trackball or Touchscreen controls


After playing a bunch of Arkanoid/Block Breaker style games I would have to agree with the general population in saying this is definitely one of the better ones out there to play. Everyone with a WVGA screen (Nexus One, EVO, Incredible and so on) should be happy that there is a version strictly for this type of resolution.

You can pick the demo version up off the Android market for free or grab the full version for UK£3.00 which is around $5.00USD I believe. If you enjoy the Arkanoid type games then this will definitely make a great addition to your collection.

Developer Website: Mobile-Stream | Chillingo

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