Methods2: Secrets And Death Hits Android! Can Mellie Crack The Case And Win The Million Bucks?

Methods2: Secrets and Death

After dropping Methods: Detective Competition in January, Erabit Studios is back with more mystery and thrill. They’re releasing the second part of their gripping visual novel series today. Titled Methods2: Secrets and Death, it’s a game of 100 detectives vs 100 criminals.

What Happens In Methods2: Secrets and Death?

The heat is on as a hundred detectives go ‘mano o mano’ in fierce competition. Just like part one, their mission is to crack the cases concocted by some of the world’s most cunning criminals. The stakes couldn’t be higher, with a million bucks and a life-changing opportunity awaiting the winner.

If a criminal outsmarts the detectives, they walk away with the same hefty prize and a shot at freedom. Yes, no matter their rap sheet! Methods2: Secrets and Death lets you analyse the evidence and make your move. With over 25 interactive crime scenes spread across 20 chapters, you’ll find no shortage of brain-teasing challenges to tackle.

Now, the plot thickens in Methods2: Secrets and Death with the introduction of Mellie. She’s a top-notch spy on a mission to sabotage the detectives’ efforts. Can she thwart the formidable T.A.D.S and keep the identity of the Game Master under wraps? You’ll have to play through chapters 21 to 42 of Methods2 to find out.

Will You Try It Out?

If you love crime-solving action, then you’ll like Methods2: Secrets and Death. Get your hands on the game by downloading it from the Google Play Store. It’s priced at $1.99 like the prequel. The Methods series has a unique art style with quirky characters. With its chapter design and American humour, it’s a pretty good visual novel series.

Methods2 has been split into five parts, so you can expect even more twists and turns in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment. Oh, and did you know? The First 3D CookieRun Game, Tower of Adventures, Has Opened Pre-Registration On Android!

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