Mighty Rabbit Studio to bring Saturday Morning RPG to Android

A rather popular iOS RPG title from Mighty Rabbit Studio now has plans to make the jump over to Android. Saturday Morning RPG has been migrated over to the Android platform and is gearing up for release onto the Google Play store soon.

Saturday Morning RPG is as the title suggests, an RPG game built around those Saturday mornings where, as a kid, you would sit in from of the TV and waste a few hours each morning watching cartoons. However, the theme is surrounding the cartoons of the 1980’s so all of us retro game and cartoon fans will be appeased.

Of course it won’t feature actual characters from the 1980’s cartoons or the games from that era but the art style is right smack out of that decade and there are plenty of references to catch. In terms of gameplay, this is your standard JRPG type of game but it progresses over the course of stand-alone episodes. You will be playing as Marty who you will build up over each episode. All your stats and gear carry over into each new episode you dive into.

While there is no official release date just yet, Saturday Morning RPG will most likely a freemium game where you will be purchasing episodes within the game itself. You can check out the trail for the iOS version above to get a better feel for the game.

Developer Website: Mighty Rabbit Studio

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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