Minecraft Earth is now in Closed Beta for Canada

Minecraft Earth is now available to download if you are lucky enough to live in Canada. If you are interested, then you can still pre-register from the Google Play Store.

Minecraft Earth – Available Now in Canada

If you live in Canada or are handy with your VPNs, then you can download Minecraft Earth right now. To warn you, it is in Beta, so don’t expect a polished full version of the game. Instead, think of this as your chance to get a sneak peek at what gameplay will look like.

If you know nothing about the gameplay, I can best describe it as Minecraft AR (Augmented Reality). This means you get to build whatever you like in the real world, and anyone can see it if they also have Minecraft Earth.

It is still too early to worry about griefing or any of the other problems you encountered in a large Minecraft server. But, it looks like this game could well be the next Pokémon GO -like game to grip the world.

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