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Pojav Launcher Brings Minecraft Java To Android

The featured image for our Minecraft Java Edition running on Android article, featuring a promotional image for the latest Minecraft update. The shot is a high angle shot, looking at a Minecraft character who raises her sword to the camera. She is standing in a swamp, and other Minecraft creatures, such as wolves and fish, surround her.

A Reddit post shared a screenshot of Minecraft Java Edition running on Android, with no graphical glitches in sight. If you’re a fan of Minecraft but have always found the mobile version to be limiting, then this port might be for you!

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game, where you can bring anything from your imagination to life. Mojang created the game in 2011, and it soon rose to be one of the most popular games in the world. Along with two vastly different and complex game modes, survival and creative, the game features many online community servers packed with fun mini-games.

All Thanks To Pojav Launcher

In the comments of the previously mentioned Reddit post, one user, @ORGAN_STEALER, reveals that the Pojav Launcher helped make Minecraft Java on Android possible. Artdeel, the developer, made the launcher specifically to run the game on mobile devices.

What’s cool is that the Pojav Launcher is able to launch different versions of Minecraft, giving you complete control over your sandbox experience. The Reddit screenshot displayed version 1.8.9 of Minecraft, but another Reddit user, @Cramon_1, reported they were able to run version 1.7.3, too.

Of course, this now opens the doors to playing modded Minecraft on your phone, using mod loaders such as Forge, Fabric, and Optifine, to name a few. The possibilities for what you can now do on Minecraft on your phone are endless!

You can download Pojav Launcher on Google Play.

But We Already Have Minecraft On Android, Right?

If you’re unfamiliar with the different versions of Minecraft, then you might be a bit confused. We’ll break it down for you…

Minecraft Java Edition is the original PC version of Minecraft that launched in 2011. Since the PC version, Mojang has adapted the sandbox game for some of the most popular gaming platforms, such as the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Included among those releases is the mobile version of the game, titled Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was rebranded to Minecraft Bedrock Edition a few years ago, but the main thing to note about these different adaptations of Minecraft is that there’s certain differences between them and the original Java Edition of the game.

For example, the Java Edition allows you to customise your own skin, download and play community mods, and a few more cool things that the Bedrock Edition doesn’t include. It’s all a bit complicated, but luckily for us, Minecraft has a great page on it’s website that details the differences, called Differences Between Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft. Check it out if you’re still curious!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a new Android game to play, have a read of our Best New Android Games This Week.

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