Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.10.0 update has arrived onto Android with plenty of changes

Last week we reported on a new version update that would be arriving for Minecraft: Pocket Edition in the near future. Well that future has become the present as Mojang has pushed out the version 0.10.0 update onto Android this morning. In a nutshell this update improves the graphics, increases the game’s performance, and killed off a whole lot of bugs which makes for a much more polished and enjoyable experience when playing.

However if you are looking for specifics regarding what actually arrives with the new 0.10.0 update, it is actually a pretty massive list which is what we had mentioned in our earlier article about this update. A much more shorter form of a changelog though would appear to look like this:

– Loads of bug fixes!
– More watery-looking water
– Foggier-looking fog
– Even more particles than before
– Tinted lighting on terrain and mobs
– Improved performance on many devices
– More fences! More fence gates! Everyone loves fences

Some of the more specific details include Day/Night cycles being added to creative mode, there is actually sound for running water, Fences and Fence Gate will be available in Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak. There will also be plenty of visual tweaks as well such as the Sun being slightly larger, smoother lighting and texture for water, and clouds and the terrain are now tinted red during sunset.

However if you want to check out every tweak and fix that has arrived in 0.10.0, then you can do so through the official changelog listing on the Minecraft Wiki page. The update is now live on Google Play but if you don’t see it right now, give it a few minutes as it is still propagating through the marketplace. If you run a Minecraft: Pocket Edition server using PocketMine, they will be pushing out the beta build for the 0.10.0 today as well.

Official Website: Minecraft Wiki | PocketMine-MP

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