Minecraft: Pocket Edition gets version 0.15.0 pushed out to beta users. Brings with it Pistons and other Redstone goodness.

Members of the Minecraft: Pocket Edition beta community on Google+ should now be able to download and install the newest version update for MCPE. This is a major version update, as they are called, pushing Minecraft: Pocket Edition out of the 0.14 realm and into the 0.15.0 one.

One of the biggest additions to Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been the addition of Redstone to the game. Redstone can be used to make all sorts of things, many of which are automated like moving gates, lights, and other ‘electrical’ products you can build. With 0.15.0 players will finally be able to use Pistons with their Redstone. Both types of Pistons (regular and Sticky Pistons) will be making their debut in 0.15.0. Pistons are a major component in almost 85% of the machines and other items crafted using Redstone. So with the addition of those, you should be able to make a ton of new stuff.

Pistons aren’t the only thing coming in 0.15.0.  There is a new user interface for the main screen, main menu, and other sections. Horses are also getting a lot of extra love with this update, and there’s a few tweaks and additions to the biomes as well. Minecraft Realms may also be making a re-appearance as well. Here’s the full tentative changelog for 0.15.0:

– Resource Packs
– Return of Minecraft Realms
– Possibly Trading
– Achievements

– Pistons
– Sticky Pistons
– Observer Block

Blocks & Items:
– Horse Armor
– Horse Spawn Egg
– Carrot on a Stick
– Command Block
– Fire Charges
– Name Tags
– Leads
– Tipped Arrows

– Horses
– Donkeys
– Mules
– Husks
– Stray

– Raw Mutton
– Cooked Mutton

Generated Structures:
– Possibly Biome Based Villages
– Jungle Temples

– Possibly Mending Enchantment

– Possibly New Biomes
– Possibly The End

– Anti-Aliasing Option (Windows 10 and VR Only)
– Commands
– Plugins
– Possibly an NPCComponent which can be given to a mob to make them have a dialogue tree.
– Increase in World Build Height to 391 Blocks.

Like always, keep in mind that this is beta and that some of these changes may not make it into the final version when it is released. Once we confirm everything that is coming with this update, we will post an update ourselves as well.

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