Minecraft: Pocket Edition now available for all other Android devices

After a short delay of about a week, Minecraft developers Mojang have fixed whatever the nasty little bug that was plaguing the non-Xperia Play version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition which ended up getting last week’s release of this game to everyone else delayed.

This much anticipated update will branch the current Minecraft: Pocket Edition from being exclusive to the Xperia Play to all other Android devices running 2.2. It will come complete with everything that the Xperia Play version has but instead of using the Xperia Play controls it will be using the touchscreen controls we previewed a couple weeks back.

With this release onto other Android devices, Mojang will start to focus on bringing more of the original Minecraft content found in the PC version over to the mobile version which includes Survival Mode. For those of you eager to get your hands on Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s Survival Mode, it may be a little bit of a wait as Mojang needs to rebalance and tweak things before it will be released. How far up the chain of recent updates the Minecraft PC version has gotten lately that will show up in the next update for the Pocket Edition is unknown.

Currently Minecraft for PC is at version 1.9.3 which includes Adventure mode, mob villages, ravines, mines and strongholds plus the Endermen. Also the Nether has received some love finally with new monsters and castles as well. Hopefully we get all of this in the next content update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition but even if we get half of all of this with the first update, it’ll be nice.

Enough babbling from us though, hit the link below and get the Pocket Edition of Minecraft on your Android device now and feel free to send us screenshots of the big structures and cool things you build!

Developer Website: Mojang

Android Market Link: Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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