Minecraft: Pocket Edition update could be arriving real soon

We have been waiting for a little while now for the next update to arrive to Minecraft: Pocket Edition and it now looks as though it could be arriving real soon, as soon as next week. According to recent tweets from Daniel Kaplan who is the project manager over at Mojang.

According to the recent tweets, it looks like the iOS version of the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update has been submitted for approval. Once it is approved then Android users will probably seen the update arrive as well. So what will be arriving in this upcoming update? Well we do know for sure that furnaces will be arriving so along with that we can assume that some of the smelted block types will also become available.

Another feature floating around that may be appearing is iron, gold and diamond tools, swords and armor although as of right now that is more speculation than fact. Granted it would make sense to include those in the update that brings furnaces. Also rumor has it that Creepers may actually make an appearance in this update as well. So for those of you waiting patiently for the next update, the wait may not be much longer.

Source: Minecraft Forums | Daniel Kaplan Twitter

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