Upcoming Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.0 update will finally bring Caves to the game, Slimes as well.

It has been a bit since we last posted about Minecraft: Pocket Edition and what kind of content we can look forward to in the next update. In fact we haven’t posted about this game since the last major update but that doesn’t mean things aren’t in the works, features that people have been wanting for awhile now.

┬áSo what can we expect in the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update? Well for started Caves (as well as tall grass) is a confirmed feature being worked on for the next update which is labeled as version 0.9.0. Another new feature is the addition of ten new block to Minecraft: Pocket Edition. These blocks are being added because of new biomes being worked on but as to what biomes these will be, that hasn’t been announced yet.

Today Jeb posted an update on the status for version 0.9.0 and what he has been working on. Up until now new controls were rumored to being worked on and now it seems that UI tweaks along with new controls has been confirmed for 0.9.0 along with the addition of Slimes. As for other rumored features, it looks like Skins may be heading our way finally and officially instead of having to get creative to use skins.

This new update is labeled as a major update, most likely due to the addition of Caves to the game. As for when version 0.9.0 will arrive, nothing concrete has been announced yet.

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