Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.2 brings a huge amount of bug fixes and tweaks to the game

The big 0.9.0 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition that landed recently has received a bit of a boost with a quick 0.9.1 update shortly after its release and now we have version 0.9.2 that was just pushed to Google Play and Amazon Appstore. The quick 0.9.1 update was a few bug fixes but this new 0.9.2 has a pretty big changelog of tweaks, bug fixes and more.

Here is the complete changelog for this new update:

Bug Fixes:

– biomes were not set correctly causing multiple crashes all around the game
– fixed the grass color and added code to fix existing corrupted worlds
– fixed a crash happening when killing a parent with kids
– worlds don’t stop loading anymore when encountering a Stronghold
– fixed a crash in the Furnace Screen
– tiles are not be randomly immune to explosions anymore
– fixed a possible crash in the chunk streaming engine
– the game saves events happening before shutting it down more reliably
– Creepers don’t explode after dying/too fast anymore
– spiders don’t get stuck on ceilings anymore
– mycelium spreads correctly
– fixed the armor screen rendering, it won’t show items that have been worn already
– entities (and the player) will not enter unloaded chunks anymore, preventing jittering


– the game spawns way less mobs, and despawns older mobs
– increased the health of all mobs to PC values
– low-end devices get a warning when trying to create an infinite world
– the game will try to fix corrupted levels before giving up now
– fixed the size of the progress indicator when hitting a block

If you don’t see the update on Amazon or Google Play just yet, give it a few minutes to propagate through each marketplace, especially in regards to Google Play.

Website Referenced: Mojang

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