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Minecraft like Portal Knights is out now on Android

Portal Knights Android

Portal Knights is a sandbox craft ’em up like Minecraft but with a cleaner and less blocky visual style. Oh, and it just launched on Android as a premium title.

It’s just like Minecraft in that you’ll wander around in third or first person, breaking down stuff to gather resources, and crafting stuff with them.

This could be buildings, equipment, or a rollercoaster. The world is truly your oyster in a sandbox experience like this.

Portal Knights is a Minecraft like sandbox game out now on Android

Where Portal Knights differs, is in that you can choose a traditional RPG class for your character. These include the warrior, mage, and ranger.

There’s also a bit of a plot. An event called The Fracture shredded the world into a bunch of different islands, and it’s your job to explore them and defeat your enemies. Presumably this will heal the world.

You can find that all out for yourself though by heading on over to Google Play and grabbing Portal Knights right now.

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