Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 8: A Journey’s End? will be arriving next week

Telltale Games has announced the release date and additional details about the final episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, which is “Episode 8: A Journey’s End?”. Interesting that the title of this episode has a question mark in it, almost like it is hinting at a possible second season and that this is the finale for the extended first season.

Either way, this season is coming to a close and Episode 8 is the final episode for it and it will be arriving next week. For those of you following the storyline, here’s what to expect with Episode 8:

In Episode 8: ‘A Journey’s End?’, with Harper leading them to the world of the Old Builders, Jesse and crew finally have their chance to return home… but it won’t be easy, and the stakes are high. You’ll need to take on opponents in a series of gladiatorial games to win your freedom, save your friends, and maybe, just maybe, make it back to your own world!

Screenshot from Episode 7

So when can you get a hold of Episode 8? Telltale Games has a release date of September 13th, 2016 for this episode on all platforms including mobile. If you have bought the season pass, you’ll have access to it the moment it comes available. If not, you can buy Episode 8 for $4.99 when it arrives, and when it does we will post an update. Unfortunately there are no screenshots or a trailer available as of yet either.

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