Minecraft-style game, BlockWorld, gets a new 2D side-scrolling version

Not too long ago we reported on a Minecraft-style game called BlockWorld which did have a lot of promise and potential for those of you who like trying out games that are similar to Minecraft. Well the developers have made a new version of the game called BlockWorld 2D.

In this new version of BlockWorld, you are actually in a 2D world instead of a 3D one and features side-scrolling exploration instead of the typical 3D multi-directional movement found in most Minecraft-style games. It comes with a completely destructible environment, monsters to kill, different ores to dig up, crafting and all that good stuff you would find in a Minecraft type of game. However, it goes a bit further than the original BlockWorld did in terms of gameplay mechanics.

BlockWorld 2D Features:

– 4 different Sizes of Blocks
– High Quality Textures and HD GUI Design
– A.I. Monster Enemies
– Advanced Quest System
– RPG Elements: Fighting, XP, Level-Ups
– Undo-Function
– Endless large world based on natural algorithms
– Full Keybinding Support
– Visual Styles: Choose between Cartoon-, HD- and Retro-look
– Sound
– BlockWorld publishes innovative concepts first!

BlockWorld 2D also comes with RPG elements, something that has sort of made its way into Minecraft as well. You will be able to gain XP, complete quests thanks to the advanced questing system and, of course, level your little guy up along the way.

Currently BlockWorld 2D is in development and is currently only offered in a Demo version for free on the Android Market to help test the game out. No word just yet on when the full version will arrive or for how much but BlockWorld 2D does have a lot of potential to be a great game.

Developer Website: Felix Blaschke

Android Market Link: BlockWorld 2D

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