Minecraft’s Jurassic World DLC Lets You Manage a Dinosaur Resort, Out Now

Following the recent game-changing Nether update, Minecraft has just received a new DLC based on the popular Jurassic World.

Available in the Minecraft Marketplace, Jurassic World sees you managing a dinosaur themed luxury resort. This means crafting dinosaurs, training them, and setting out on expeditions to discover DNA. 

Check out the trailer to see the prehistoric lizards in action.

The new pack contains 21 skins and over 60 different species of dinosaur, including the blockosaurus, the velosquaraptor, and the rectanglodon (don’t try and find these dinosaurs, because we made them up).

Jurassic World costs 1340 Minecraft coins, which equates to less than $10. To find it, download Minecraft from the Google Play Store for $6.99 and then navigate to the marketplace. 

Source: Touch Arcade

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