Mini Droid Defense II

Mini Droid Defense II by BlueCap Studio is another tower defense game but with more 3D style graphics in an isometric view. The creatures you kill also don’t follow an exact path making this particular tower defense game a bit harder then the rest of them that are out right now.

The demo version is available on the market which features 40 levels of gameplay without multiplayer and crop plantation and is available in the Android market. The full version features:

– Over 100 level and 20+ unique creeps (monsters)

– Versus Mode with buildings such as Research Lab, Incubator, Supply Depot and more for different purposes.

– Crop Plantation for a hybrid of concepts such as farming + tower defense

– MAD Online for multiplayer with people over the internet

– more sounds

However the Full version of Mini Droid Defense II is only available on SlideME for purchase and will run you only $0.99. This game is updated frequently as well so expect more features to be coming soon. Definitely a lot of potential with this game to become quite a hit so I’ll keeping an eye on this as it gets updates.

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