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Orange Pixel has developed a decent amount of games for Android that are usually both interesting and unique. Unlike the billion game clones that are floating around out there, Orange Pixel tends to lean towards the different. Their new game Mini Plane is no different. Mini Plane is a continuous flight game where you have to keep flying as long as you can.

While trying to keep your little plane up in the air, you can gain extra points by doing flybys and collecting bonuses. There are also bonuses along the way that help with keeping your fuel supply topped up. While this may seem fairly simple you also have to avoid enemy planes, buildings and other items that shoot at you. Your score can also be displayed on the global high score board should you become a master pilot.

Orange Pixel also have plans to update the game with even more features including various types of planes, new worlds, more upgrades, new gameplay modes and more. Definitely a fun little game for the casual gamer. We’ve also posted the Tip and Tricks Orange Pixel has released on their site here on Droid Gamers in our guides section so if you need any help, just jump over to there.

You can pick up Mini Plane from the Android market for roughly $2.96USD.

Developer Website: Orange Pixel

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