Miniclip to bring Plague Inc soon so you can destroy mankind

Miniclip has brought a lot of fun games to Android so far and apparently their next one is going to be the Pandemic style game called Plague Inc. Currently available on iOS, in this particular game your goal isn’t to save mankind or find a cure but instead to exterminate it with a deadly virus.

Plague Inc is heavily influenced by Pandemic and plays a lot like it so if you’ve play Pandemic before, you’ll be able to just jump right into this game when it comes out. Of course exterminating the population of the world isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You will need to constantly evolve your virus as mankind makes cures and medicine to fight your virus. Creating different mutations of your virus allows you to fight the medicines the world comes up with, making your virus spread better. As it stands right now, Miniclip is set to release Plague Inc, which will be officially named Infect when it hits the Google Play store, in the coming weeks.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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