Missed the Rio commercial during the Super Bowl? Want to unlock the secret level? Here’s how!

So perhaps you had too many beers and missed the clues inside the Super Bowl commercial on how to unlock the secret level inside Angry Birds for a chance to win a trip to the premiere of Rio the movie in Rio de Jainero. Perhaps you just didn’t care at the time or perhaps you knew we would find out how for you.

Well we did find out how you can unlock the secret level from the Super Bowl ad and now you can open up Angry Birds and go ahead, unlock the secret Golden Egg level, and try it out! Just follow the instructions in the video below and you’ll be good to go! Also, in case you missed the commercial, we’ve included it below the walkthrough video on how to unlock the secret level. Enjoy!

Unlock the secret level in Angry Birds from the Super Bowl:

  • Open up level 13-12 in the Ham ‘Em High episode (the one with the strawberries).
  • Fire off the yellow bird (anywhere).
  • Next, shoot the white bird backwards and drop an egg towards the back of the hill.
  • If you hit the right spot, a golden egg will appear.
  • Once you beat the level, the egg will display “Rio” signifying the “Super Bowl Level” has been unlocked.


How to unlock the secret level in Angry Birds

Rio Super Bowl Ad

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