MMORPG V4 Gets New Assassin Class in its Biggest Update Since Launch

V4, the popular MMORPG from Korean developer Nexon, has just received its biggest update since launching last year.

The star of the show, update-wise, is the new Assassin class. This powerful character lurks in the shadows before emerging to deal devasting damage with two blades. This is exactly how assassins are supposed to behave, so the update checks out so far.

In terms of details, the Assassin class is a melee type character with a war sword as its main weapon and an assassin blade as its sub weapon. Assassins also come with six skills.

The latest update also introduces a host of special events, including a Scholar’s Paradise dungeon in the Phantom Abyss, an event allowing you to earn gear for the assassin, and a 14-day check in event for Brellan gear and other stuff.

You can download V4 for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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