Supercell Shares The Latest Key Portal Insights Update, And It Looks Epic!

featured image for our news on Key Portal Insights update. It features the three protagonists of the game Luna, Manny and Jax fighting monsters with weapons like spears. The whole gradient of the image is a bit neon-ish, and everything is in the shade of pink, turquoise, purple and red.

You must have heard already that Supercell, the company behind hit titles like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Squad Busters, is busy making a new monster-hunting game It’s in its early development stage and had players from the United States participate in an open beta in October 2023. Now, they just gave us a sneak peek into what’s cooking in the latest Key Portal Insights update.

It’s A Boatload Of Goodies Lined Up

They’ve added a Merch Machine in the third Key Portal Insights update. It’s truly a ‘machine’ to get a variety of skins. You can unlock outfits, mount skins and emotes, which are neatly sorted by collection style. They’ve also added Merch Tokens that you can use to snag some awesome goodies. You can get them from Job Chests or just buy them straight up.

And speaking of emotes, they’re throwing in some fresh ones for good measure. From Bright Fireworks to Yoga TP, there’s something for every mood. And this KPI is rolling out a bunch of new threads to make your character stand out. Check out the images they shared on their official X (Twitter) account.

There’ll Be Some Awesome New Maps And Stuff!

The latest addition to is Garden City. It’s a lush paradise teeming with monsters just waiting to be hunted. Also, they’ve scrapped the premium merch tokens and mo.coins altogether. Now everything’s unlocked with regular old merch tokens after the latest Key Portal Insights update.

With so much going on, I just hope the game drops soon globally. will let you join Luna, Manny and Jax in different parallel worlds hunting for monsters. It’ll have open-world hunting and dungeon raids, so you can expect it to be a darn good adventure.

So, what’s next for Well, they’re teasing something called ‘End Game’ in the next KPI. Until then, check out our news on other games which are available to play on Android. Subway Surfers’ New Character Hammy-Bee Is Straight Out Of An Art Student’s Sketchbook!

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