Mobile MMORPG MU: Origin will be coming to the West. First round of closed beta begins this month.

The PC-based MMORPG called MU is getting a mobile version launched here in the West called MU: Origin. Published by Webzen, who also publishes the PC game, MU: Origin will be having a couple of rounds of closed beta testing for this Western version which begins this month.

For those of you not familiar with this franchise, as we mentioned earlier MU originated as a PC MMORPG which because very popular in Asian regions before seeing a Western release for PC gamers. There’s pretty much all the features in MU that you would find in most of MMORPGs for PC including multiple classes to play, each with their own skill trees, weapons, armors, abilities, and so on.

The mobile game, called MU: Origin, will feature PC-grade visuals and fast-paced gameplay according the Webzen, which means it should be an action-style of MMORPG and not one of those collectible types of MMORPGs. Lots of dungeon crawling too by the looks of things. Apparently a large portion of the PC game’s content will be making an appearance in this mobile version, with the UI and controls being optimized for mobile devices. MU: Origin launched in Korea back in April 2015 and has been in the #1 spot for mobile MMORPG in those territories for quite awhile. It’s actually good to see the mobile version finally getting a Western release. With the Western release, we should see Western servers opening up instead of all of us joining long running Korean and Chinese servers.

The first closed beta round of testing begins on January 25th, 2016, with sign-ups for the closed beta going live today. The closed beta will run until January 31st, at which point the game will either have some fixes and tweak done, followed by a full launch, or another closed beta testing round will happen. If you’re interested in signing up for the closed beta, you can do so through the link below. You can check out additional screenshots below. We’ll post updates as more details are released to us.

Official Website:MU: Origin

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