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Mobius Final Fantasy is Shutting Down Across the Globe on June 30

Bad news, Mobius Final Fantasy fans. Square Enix has made the decision to shut down the hit mobile game across the globe on June 30.

We guess it had a good run. The auto battler originally launched in August 2016, and has had nearly four successful years since then.

Mobius Final Fantasy Will Continue to Sell Magicite Despite the Shutdown Notice

What we find mostly disappointing, is that Square Enix won’t stop selling Magicite, the premium currency, until March 31, which is when the Japanese version of the game shuts down.

That means players who aren’t in the know might accidentally purchase the premium currency, assuming that the game is in good health.

If Square Enix no longer has future plans for the game, the publisher should stop selling premium currency immediately.

On a more positive note, Square Enix has committed to finishing off the Warrior of Despair storyline, which is currently running in the game. So, if you’re invested in that, you’ll get to see its conclusion.

If you’d like to check out Mobius Final Fantasy before it shuts down, go ahead and grab it right now on Google Play. Just be aware it is going to shut down on June 30 if you’re interested in buying Magicite.

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