Monday’s funny post: Apple under fire for approving app that cures being gay

Once in awhile we stray from the standard format of all thing Android and gaming to cover a story that we find interesting, humorous or just generally awesome in some fashion. Thanks to Apple, we have another one of these posts to provide all of you, our readers, with a little Monday morning humor and some chuckles while drinking your morning coffee.

According to the news as of late, over the last few days Apple has come under fire from the Gay community over an application that somehow got approved to be on the App Store that, according to the description, will cure being gay. The app was developed by a Florida-based Christian organization called Exodus International (seems to be an empty website right now) and offers users the chance to ‘cure’ any homosexual tenancies they may be having. This is done through a mix of news, facts and resources.

What is better than Apple completely going over their own App Store guidelines for submitted content being appropriate? How about Apple rating the app 4+! This means that Apple believes there is no inappropriate content within this app. This isn’t the first time though that Apple has had to consider offending one side or the other. Back in November, an app came out that got approved which was hostile in nature about gay marriage. In that case, Apple ended up removing the application for their App Store so a similar outcome to this will probably happen. Truth Wins Out, a gay rights group, has already started a petition to have it removed.

We are not sure what is more interesting to think about, the fact that this just shows how Apple’s submission process can almost seem biased or the fact that it seems to be becoming a habit with anti-gay orientated applications making their way onto the App Store on a regular basis.

Thanks to MamaDroid for the tip who heard this being discussed on one of the radio stations here in Las Vegas.

Website Referenced: The Register via Slashdot

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