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Monopoly GO! Brings Portable Monopoly to the Table

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Monopoly GO! is officially out. The world-famous tycoon board game is now completely portable and can fit right into your pocket. Whether you fancy playing while on the commute to work, or you’re snuggling up in bed at the end of the day, Monopoly GO! is certainly here to stay.

What is Monopoly GO?

So, what is it? If you haven’t heard of the latest entry in the Monopoly franchise, let’s get into it. It’s basically a digital version of Monopoly, but with a few twists. As a mobile game, you’re able to play with fellow players from around the globe, as well as friends and family. 

We love Monopoly as much as everyone else, but getting all the bits and pieces out, and then having to pack them away can be tedious. With Monopoly GO! you don’t need to do that! Everything fits into every inch of your screen, with no tidying up at the end of a game – perfect. 

What Can We Do in the Game?

The usual tokens make a return, allowing you to play as the classic Top Hat, Battleship, Car, and more. Additionally, online capabilities bring a new form of gameplay to the table – co-op events. Participate in special mini-games together to help each other out. You can even take part in exciting heists against fellow players to rise to the top of the board.

There’s also a fantastic sticker collection feature, where you can collect a variety of unique stickers. Trade these stickers with other players and head to the official Monopoly GO! Facebook page to find special trading groups!

Online gameplay also provides you with daily activities such as exclusive tournaments, a Prize Drop mini-game, a Cash Grab mini-game, and limited-time events. It’s a must for Monopoly fans, and it’s a brilliant way to spend some extra quality time with your friends and family, even if they live far away.

If we’ve persuaded you to try out Monopoly GO!, you can download the game on Google Play now! If you’re on the hunt for more games to play, check out our Best Android Board Games guide.

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