Monopoly Sudoku, the Puzzle/Boardgame Mash-up from Marmalade Games, is Out Now on Android

Marmalade Games has release Monopoly Sudoku, a mash-up of the popular puzzle game Sudoku and the even more popular boardgame Monopoly.

Unveiled in September, Monopoly Sudoku is an intriguing take on Monopoly that apparently sees you solving Suduko puzzles instead of simply bankrupting your loved ones in the usual fashion.

There are several multiplayer modes, allowing you to face off against a friend, family member, or perfect stranger in head to head matches, or challenge players from around the world.

Do Not Pass Go

You can join championships and climb leaderboards, reading up on techniques between rounds to get you up to snuff.

We haven’t downloaded Monopoly Sudoku, and we’re still strugging to picture exactly how it works, but it seems as though it’s basically Sudoku with a loose Monopoly theme.

In any case, you can download it right now for $3.99.

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