Monster Rancher 2 is Coming to Android in Japan on September 17th

Monster Rancher 2, the mobile port of the PS1 classic, is coming to the Google Play Store on September 17th. But only in Japan. 

An early competitor to Pokemon, Monster Rancher 2 – aka Monster Farm 2 – sees you collecting creatures and then battling them with other creatures at tournaments. Participating in these battles nets you money and items, as well as fame and ranking points, giving you access to bigger and better tournaments. 

There are more than 400 monsters to collect, with a huge variety of designs. And you’ll be able to appreciate these designs all the better thanks to the mobile version’s upscaled visuals. 

While Monster Rancher 2 is currently only confirmed in Japan, there’s a reasonable chance that it’ll make its way westwards given the erstwhile popularity of the game in the west. 

For now, all you can do is check out the product page on the Google Play Store

Source: Gematsu

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