Monster Truck Hero is Like Trials HD without the Weedy Motorbikes

Godzilla. Frankenstein. Sully. There’s no two ways about it: monsters are rad. It’s just a shame they don’t exist. 

The closest you can get in real life is a monster truck. These noisy, huge, phenomenally powerful novelty vehicles may not be able to breathe fire or contemplate their own existences, but they sure can create a spectacle. 

And Monster Truck Hero lets you drive a monster truck of your very own, thundering down a series of a lovingly drawn HD tracks and clambering over a series of impossibly huge obstacles. 

As with Trials HD and other physics-based 2D driving games, the aim is simply to get from the beginning of the course to the end in one piece, as quickly as possible. 

Standing in your way are all manner of hefty objects, including buildings, piles of rocks, stacks of logs, shipping containers, and even other vehicles. Fortunately, the vehicle you’re driving has wheels the size of houses and enough suspension to keep a cruise liner off the ground, so you’re more than equipped for the challenge. 

Keep on truckin’

That’s partly because Monster Truck hero has a solid physics engine, allowing you to master the motion of your motor to an incredible degree. You can skid, drift, and bounce, and each truck handles differently, so there’s plenty of physics to master. 

On top of that you can tune your monster trucks up by spending the coins you earn for completing levels, as well as unlocking new trucks and levels as you progress through the campaign. This makes Monster Truck Hero endlessly replayable – no two goes are ever the same, and you’re always working towards a new achievement. 

Levels take place in a variety of locations, including desert, jungle, and “winter”, with more getting added all the time. Developer Goodfox Games also promises new multiplayer modes, leaderboards, and more in future updates. 

Download Monster Truck Hero for free right now on Google Play. Make sure you visit the official Goodfox Games website and Facebook page to check out its other titles as well.

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