Monument Valley 2, ustwo’s Masterful Escher-Esque Puzzler, is Free for 7 Days

Monument Valley 2, the acclaimed puzzle sequel from developer ustwo, is free for the next seven days. It normally costs $4.99. 

The first Monument Valley was a breakout hit on mobile, penetrating popular culture to the extent that it got a mention on the Netflix blockbuster House of Cards. The sequel is widely regarded to be an improvement on the original. 

The Puzzles are Like Escher Drawings

The gameplay sees you steering a little person through a series of puzzle stages in which the solutions lie in resolving perspective-based conundrums. If you’ve ever seen a drawing by Escher you’ll get the gist.

Monument Valley 2 is pretty close to being an essential mobile game, and you can download it for free on Google Play right now.

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