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Moonlighter, by 11 Bit Studios, is coming to Android

Moonlighter Android

11 Bit Studios, the developer behind Beat Cop and This War of Mine, is launching its latest title, Moonlighter, on mobile this year.

Moonlighter is an action RPG dungeon crawler like The Legend of Zelda or The Binding of Isaac. You’ll battle through a wide variety of dungeons, battle monsters, and collect a bunch of loot.

Moonlighter is part action RPG, part merchant simulator

That’s where the second part of the game comes in: the shopkeeping. You actually play as a shopkeeper who sells his wares to make a profit.

You can then spend that profit on upgrades and staff members who can do all of the hard work for you.

Much like in Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon, making friends is also an important part of the experience. You can help them start new businesses to grow the prospects of the community.

In turn, they can help you craft new equipment and enhance your current equipment. Because they’re nice like that.

Moonlighter will launch on Android later this year, though we can’t narrow down the release date just yet. Stay tuned.

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