More details about the upcoming Civilization Revolution 2 game for mobile

Roughly a week ago we reported on Civilization Revolution 2 coming to mobile soon thanks to 2K Games and Firaxis Games teaming up. While there wasn’t a ton of details released about what we can expect from this version of the game at that time, we now know a bit more of what to expect when it does get released.

For those of you who missed our last article, Civilization Revolution 2 is the sequel to the original iOS version Civilization Revolution, which was a port of the PC game of the same name. When we last reported on this game, 2K Games had reassured everyone that this version will have much more optimized controls for mobile as well as better visuals than the original game. Apparently 148Apps got a hold of an early copy of the iOS version and has confirmed that these two points are true.

What 148Appd also released is that there is literally no multiplayer mode for Civilization Revolution 2, only single-player. To some player this won’t matter while other potential players will more than likely be put off by this since a lot of people like playing against other people in this game. Since both companies focused solely on single-player, that means there will be “new maps, wonders, special scenarios, and technologies like Modern Warfare and Information Technology” available in-game at launch.

Lastly, when Civilization Revolution 2 is released onto Android, sometime soon after the iOS version is released,  it will cost $14.99 and contain no IAPs at all.

Website Referenced: 148Apps

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