More details released about the upcoming Firefly Online strategy RPG for Android

Just a little over a year ago we reported on an official Firefly game that would be heading to Android soon called Firefly Online which was slated for release this Summer. As you can tell from the game’s name, this will be an online multiplayer title but it isn’t necessarily an MMORPG in the traditional sense of running around, completing quests, leveling up and collecting gear.

While the game should feature a lot of these mechanics, Firefly Online sounds like it will be more along the lines of games such as EVE Online, at least in the theme of space exploration and running your own ship. The game actually plays out a lot like a strategic RPG more than anything though. When we first posted about this game, there wasn’t a whole lot of details released about Firefly Online. We do have a few more details today but it isn’t a huge leap over what we know. In fact the news today is more related to the cast of the TV show, which this game is based off of.

According to the developers, the actual TV cast will be showing up in-game, taking their place in the roles they played in the actual TV show. The other piece of information released today is the ability to register for the game now ahead of release over on the official game’s website, or the Cortex as they are calling it.

Firefly Online is still slated for release onto Android, iOS, PC via Steam and Mac (complete with cross-platform, cross-device support) this Summer, there just isn’t an actual release date for it just yet. That is as long as it is still on time for that release time frame. Warning: The preview trailer is pretty cheesy.

Website Referenced: TheVerge

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