More information about EA’s Flexion Store, there own mini Android shop?

While word is spreading about EA’s Flexion Store that we mentioned yesterday in are article about D.A.R.K being available for the Xperia Play, others have dug up more information on what exactly the EA Flexion Store is. As it turns out, it could be their new little Android storefront.

Even though Origin, their revised storefront with also a new focus on mobile has just launched, EA seems to think they need another storefront for Android games. This could be due to regional issues since the Flexion store can be locked into specific regions. Currently Flexion is available in over 60 countries and is rapidly expanding into more. However, it shouldn’t really be much of a surprise that EA is selling games outside of the Android Market. The concern should be, are they going to stop posting them in the Android Market from now on? Or delay releases for regional exclusive which is what seems to be going on with D.A.R.K.

A lot of sites are reporting EA’s Flexion Store as being empty right now aside from a help page, which it is if you view it on most devices. Like we mentioned in our D.A.R.K article though, if you have an Xperia Play and are in a supported country you can pick up D.A.R.K right now. Not sure if it is still available for purchase or not since we posted about it as they may have taken it down. If you own an Xperia Play and want to see if you can purchase D.A.R.K, just head over to it’s purchase page. The purchase page may be carrier/region locked and so far only our resident tipster Roger Lyons seems to have had success getting the game from there.

Website Referenced: PockerGamer

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