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Morphite: A Brilliant Sci-Fi Teaser Trailer has Arrived

Over the last 6 months there’s been plenty of still shots from Morphite appearing online, and a scant handful of clips, but now we’ve received the first full trailer, and it’s every bit as glorious as expected- a beautiful cel-shaded No Man’s Sky by way of Metroid Prime.  Developed by We’re Five Games and Crescent Moon Games Morphite is a tremendously ambitious, procedurally generated 3D action-exploration game complete with cutscenes and full-voice acting.

Morphite is primarily focused on a core story built around player-protagonist Myrah Kale and her snarky drone Kitcat.  It’ll take place over 15 chapters and feature hand-crafted levels spread across 8 main planets, while the rest of the game will be filled out with up to an estimated 500* more procedurally generated worlds offering a staggering abundance of content.

They’ve combined real time space ship battles with planet hopping and first-person exploration into an expansive 3 dimensional Metroidvania game, allowing players to hop in their ship and fly not only from planet to planet, but solar system to solar system traversing around the galaxy. Players will also be able to find exotic creatures and minerals for collecting, cataloging, selling, or even use for upgrades. True to Metroidvania style games, there will also be plenty of weapons and powerups to find along the way.  Planets are designed similar to a typical dungeon crawler with main large areas that branch into smaller ones, with care to make them vary in both size and scope.

They’ll also be populated with an ever-changing flora and fauna ranging from simple birds and fish to huge dinosaurs to fully armed and hostile aliens.  It’s more than enough to encourage players to explore the solar systems by visiting as many planets as they can.  Players will be able to visit abandoned space stations, find alien temples, hunt down secrets, unravel mysteries, and fight epic bosses strewn throughout this pocket-sized universe, and it looks to be quite an adventure.

Morphite is set to arrive on mobile devices in early 2017 and should cost around $4.99.

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