A Mother Played Girls’ Frontline For Her Son While He Studied

The featured image for our article covering a son's mother playing Girls Frontline, featuring four women from the game dressed in white dresses. They look towards the camera, and the game's logo sits in the top left corner of the screen.

A news article in China that covered a mother taking over her son’s Girls’ Frontline account while he focused on studying has recently gone viral. The Nanjing-based newspaper, the Yangste Evening Post, featured a first-hand account from the mother.

In the article, the mother describes her initial thoughts on the gaming industry – how she saw video games largely as a distraction for her son’s education. The son, who’s in third year junior school, liked to play Girls’ Frontline in his spare time. Unfortunately, his grades were slipping.

He agreed to give up his phone so that he could focus on his studies on one condition: his mother picked up his Girls’ Frontline grind. The mother agreed, skeptical about her new-found responsibility.

A Dynamic Flipped On It’s Head

The son encouraged his mother to research the game, almost as if he was setting her homework. Over the next few weeks, their dynamic shifted, as the son found himself telling off his mother for binging TV shows rather than playing the game. Retrospectively, the mother saw herself as the lazy student, and the son as the stern parent.

The mother admits that, after researching and playing the game, Girls’ Frontline was more complicated than she had first imagined. Her son pointed her in the direction of reliable tips and tricks, and she soon managed to level up her son’s account. The son even praised his mother’s skills, stating she had become proficient in various gameplay elements.

By the end of the exam season, the son was able to save his grades, avoiding an education crisis. His mother had managed to hold up her end of the bargain, too, maintaining the Girls’ Frontline grind.

Wholesome Conclusion

When the Yangste Evening Post published the story, it quickly became popular among the gaming community. In her account, the mother admits that confronting and overcoming laziness and understanding each other are ongoing obstacles for the pair.

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