Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is temporarily free on Android

Motorsport Manager 3 Android

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is currently going completely free on Android but we have no idea why, or how long it will last. Suffice to say, you should go and get it right away.

You’ll build your own motorsport racing team and manage them from the beginning of its career to the heights of its powers.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is an excellent racing strategy game

You’ve got drivers to hire, cars to develop, and a full on strategy for winning to come up with. This includes strategising before and during the race.

Then, you can watch the race in real time, taking over strategy at any point you’re not happy with what’s going on.

There are also plenty of things to keep an eye out on, including weather changes, car crashes, or safety notices.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 while it’s going completely free.

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