Mountain Madness is Coming to Android on September 12th

Mountain Madness is a downhill ski game created by JaffaJam. You may not have heard of JaffaJam until now, but they could be the next big name in the overcrowded mobile gaming market.

Mountain Madness – A beautiful Combination of Adorable Characters and Deadly Slopes

Mountain Madness is a one-touch downhill ski game, where the aim of the game is to avoid being swallowed up by the pursuing avalanche. There several obstacles that stand in your way from making it safely to the bottom including, trees, vehicles and other skiers.

There are several characters to unlock, as seen in the trailer. Plus, there is a variety of new equipment to unlock, which will help you increase your control or decent time.

If Mountain Madness seems like a game, you would like to play, you can find out more from the Google Play page.

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