Mow down zombies as a scantly dressed toy anime girl in Zombies Loli

This morning I posted a comment on our Google+ page about some of the games we are going to be writing about this morning and that, based on how odd these games are, we should called today Weird Wednesday. This would be one of those games that helped us come to this conclusion. Ever wanted to play as a toy anime girl, scantly dressed of course, while killing zombies?

Developed by HungryDog, a somewhat appropriate name considering the game, Zombies Loli has you playing as a toy anime character, generally referred to as a Loli, who is out to administer some justice against the zombies of the world who have decided to steal her costumes. Why they decided to steal her costumes is unknown, perhaps they felt like dressing up while trying to eat everyone’s brains.


This particular game is a top-down dual-stick shooter so you will have one virtual joystick controlling your half naked anime girl while the other deals with shooting your weapons. The costume system, which is the central theme of the game, is actually somewhat detailed. Each costume has four pieces to it: Hair, Body, Legs and Accessories. There are a total of twelve costumes containing four parts for each full costume.

As you retrieve costume items, you will be able to customize your character’s appearance with them. Each individual item can be used separately. So if you like the hair from one set but the accessories from another, you can use them individually when customizing your character.

Of course what decent anime girl filled game would be without touch-based reactions right? You character will react with different emotions based on how you touch her and her movements. Get your mind out of the gutter though because it isn’t what you are thinking. It’s more like the waving hello, blowing you a kiss, jumping and cheering, things like that.


If you are up for a bit of a different type of zombie massacring game to try out, then you might want to give Zombies Loli a try. For as strange as this game may seem, the quality is actually not that bad at all. You can nab yourself a copy off of the Google Play store for free.

Developer Website: HungryDog

Google Play Link: Zombies Loli

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